The ever-so-reasonable Meal Planning Kit

The ever-so-reasonable Meal Planning Kit

If meal planning is a struggle in your house (or, ahem, non-existent)…this one’s for you.

I used to hate meal planning, too. It took too long, and I always had better, less sucky things to do.

I also stood in front of the fridge a lot with an empty stomach, trying to puzzle out a way to make a meal out of cottage cheese, olives, a can of corn, and those two pints of strawberries that were on sale…oops, nope, those got moldy.

Fast forward to now: I’m not worrying about what we’re having for dinner tonight, or tomorrow night or the next night—or breakfast and lunches, either. Because I already know, and I have all the ingredients. I’m wasting less food (therefore saving more money) and the task of keeping all the humans in my home fed no longer feels like an insurmountable nightmare.

The difference between then and now? A simple routine, and about ten minutes a week. 

Sound dreamy? Good, because I distilled everything I know about meal planning into a 4-step process, and made a kit for you. (And, um, it’s the prettiest thing EVER.)

Inside, you’ll find…

  • Meal Planning PrintablesA hands-on, study at your own pace ebook
  • A simple 4-step process to planning your weekly meals with ease in as little as 10 minutes a week
  • Printable shopping list and weekly meal plan featuring beautiful custom illustrations by Leyton Parker
  • Worksheets for collecting your favorite meals for different occasions and seasons
  • Tips for making meal planning and prep less stressful and time consuming

When you’re done, you will…

Have a new routine (filled with ease) to create a weekly meal plan in as little as 10 minutes a week—and that suits your schedule, cuts down on wasted food and eases stress.


The Complete Digital Kit + 2-in-1 Notepad

Cost: $36 $26 (Best Value!)>

Complete meal planning kit (best value!)

The Complete Digital Kit (available for immediate download) includes:
✓ Shopping List Printable
✓ Weekly Meal Plan Printable
✓ Meal Ideas Printable
✓ A 23-page, study-at-your-own-pace ebook : Meal Planning 101, which outlines my 4-step process for meal planning, plus tips for making this new routine work for you.
2-in-1 Notepad (shipped to your door) includes:
✓ The {NEW} 52-sheet magnetic notepad with a Weekly Meal Plan on the front and Shopping List on the back side of each sheet
✓  Measures 6.75″×9.75″, printed on warm white text paper
✓  52 two-sided sheets with a full-color front and a magnet on the back for hanging the notepad on your fridge

Order now and receive your Digital Kit instantly, and your notepad delivered to your door


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2-in-1 Notepad Only

Cost: $12

If you already have a meal planning routine that works for you, but just need a lovely tool to help the process along, you can choose to purchase the notepad without the Digital Kit. Notepads are shipped within 2 business days of your purchase.

2-in-1 Meal Plan / Shopping List Magnetic Notepad

2-in-1 Notepad (shipped to your door) includes:
✓ The {NEW} 52-sheet magnetic notepad with a Weekly Meal Plan on the front and Shopping List on the back side of each sheet
✓  Measures 6.75″×9.75″, printed on warm white text paper
✓  52 two-sided sheets with a full-color front and a magnet on the back for hanging the notepad on your fridge


Rave reviews

Meg Worden“Meal planning is such an important aspect of self care, because it helps take the overwhelm and stress out of the NEVER-ENDING task of feeding yourself well. This kit is great for people who struggle with orchestrating their daily meals, or have tried unsuccessfully to make meal planning work in the past. Michelle’s approach is simple, customizable and completely practical for routine use. (And has ridiculously fabulous art by Leyton Parker).”  
~ Meg Worden, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Owner

“I love the meal planning printable! It is so much nicer looking than using plan printable paper with my hand writing on it. It really helps me stay organized.”
~ Victoria Burke

“I think the meal planning guide is very useful for people who want to be more intentional about their meal planning and budgeting. The 10 super simple meals are a great thing to ‘jog’ me into something beyond my usual pasta + sauce + a vegetable route. And I so so so love the weekly printable.”
~ Kate Newsome

“I was dreading grocery shopping because it meant that I had to make a list, which meant I had to make the menu for the week (the part I dread most). However, I used your menu planning method and my menu planned itself by the things I had to use up! Thank you for making my life easier!
~ Nikki Schultz



michelle-rosy-bluWho the dickens are you, anyway?

I’m Michelle, and I run a business called Rosy Blu all about making home a more beautiful and nourishing place to live. You can read all about me and my philosophy here.

What makes this meal planning kit different from every other one I’ve tried (unsuccessfully)?

I’m so glad you asked. I also once hated meal planning. That’s part of what makes this different—I’ve done my best to slim down everything I’ve learned about planning meals into the simplest, quickest tasks, in order to cut out all the sucky parts of the process. Read this post for a longer and more detailed version of this answer.

How do I know this kit will be worth my money?

I’m a penny pincher myself, and won’t part with my hard-earned dollars unless I know the thing I’m buying will be worth my investment. Knowing this is my own philosophy, I don’t take your investment lightly—and I know this meal planning kit will deliver true, ongoing value in your life. I urge you to consider how much money you spend on groceries, and how much food you throw away because it went bad before you had a chance to use it. How many times do you run to the grocery store during the week to pick up ingredients you forgot or didn’t plan for? How much is peace of mind worth, and lifting the constant question of, NOW what do I eat?? off your mind forever? Is it worth $22 in the long run to save money, time, food and feel less stress and overwhelm in your life?

What if I hate it?

Hate is a strong word! I surely hope you won’t feel that way after reading the guide and trying the 4 steps, and I certainly know that others who have used the kit have felt nothing but love (see above). However—if you’re unhappy, simply email me within 21 days of buying to be eligible for a refund. Please note shipping costs are not refundable.

What if I still have more questions?

If you still have questions after reading this page, feel free to get in touch and I’ll do my best to answer them.