Happy home, happy life.

I’m Michelle, and I created Rosy Blu to help you make a home that is the nourishing oasis you’ve always dreamed of…but better. Because it can also be filled with sustainability and ease, and be free of the stress and overwhelm that marks the traditional path of managing a home in the modern age.

We’ll remove the stress, overwhelm, toxins and clutter, and keep the beautiful, loved and useful treasures that make your heart sing.

Sound like fun? Let’s dig in. Click here to read more about Rosy Blu’s philosophy, or jump right in to the topics we love to discuss around here using the buttons below.

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Unpacking tips

My favorite after-travel unpacking tip

That I only do half the time (to my own detriment) So, you know how I like to pack, right? My strategy for remembering everything without a list includes a mental rundown of all the exciting things … [read more...]

Snapshot #10

Snapshot #10

Snapshot is a periodic series about what's going on in my life right now—what I'm eating, reading, doing, loving, and my favorite links from around the web. It's time for my annual artichoke. It … [read more...]

You deserve a clean home.

Don’t clean your house because you have to. Do it because YOU DESERVE IT.

You, my dear, are a sight to behold. If everybody else knew how much you give, how much you love, how beautiful your ideas and intentions are...they'd be flabbergasted. And you should be, too. Step … [read more...]

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