About Rosy Blu

You should own nothing that is not beautiful, loved or useful.

The phrase has bounced around my brain so many times, in many variations, yet it never fails to strike a chord that resonates. I named my business after Beauty, Love and Usefulness, and soon came to find these three words had become the theme of my entire life.

If you constantly chase beauty, love and usefulness, and release anything that is not one of those three, you will eventually find all you will have are beauty, love and usefulness.

Doesn’t that sound delightful?

Start where it hurts the most, and find one thing you can let go that is not beautiful, loved or useful. Repeat that, again and again.

At the same time, commit to only letting new things into your life if they fit the criteria: is it beautiful? Do I love it? Is it useful?

Here’s the secret: when you do these two things, you’re creating your own paradise, one choice at a time.

To me, embracing beauty, love and usefulness means embracing a slower pace of life. Creating space, both physical and mental. Finding more ease. Loving what I have instead of always yearning for what I don’t. Finding nourishment that really is nourishing. Being sovereign over my own choices so I can make a maximum impact on and with my life. Growing friendships with people who get me. Soaking up the beautiful moments I get with my family, and cherishing tangible reminders, like pictures and heirlooms, of real-life magic. Living in awe.

And in turn, I’m learning how to let go. Life is a cycle, and to sieze the next thing, you need to make room by letting something else go. I want to let go of stress, overwhelm and deprivation. I’m letting go of “healthy” food that doesn’t taste good, and processed food that doesn’t feel good. No more toxins and chemicals in the products I use and the foods I eat. I want to exfoliate clutter, and with it, the scarcity belief that there will never be enough. No more letting someone else make my decisions for me.

In sum, I want everything I want, and nothing more.


Rosy Blu is about creating my own little slice of heaven on earth.

What would that feel like to you?


About Michelle

Michelle Urbick, founder of Rosy Blu

I live and work in Winona, Minnesota, with my husband Jon and two adorable kitties, Charlie and Ninja Bob. I run an online shop that sells beautiful, loved and useful vintage + handmade goodsand I also publish ebooks + resources to promote a happy, healthy home with products you use, food you eat and atmosphere you cultivate.

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