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Novice gardener. Loving wife. Thrift shopper. Lover of food, cheese in particular. Canning enthusiast. Maker of things, all kinds. Founder, Rosy Blu Handmade and Rosy Blu Vintage. Blogger. Etsy shop owner. Happy to meet you!

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My favorite tool for a difficult relationship situation

I few years back, I heard this idea. It’s been incredibly useful for me, and I want to share it with you today. The gist is this: When you’re having a really tough time with a person and are at your wit’s end in dealing with them… Try writing a letter to their angel. If […]

How + why to buy produce in season (hint: save money!)

I made a peach coffee cake on Monday. It was the highlight of each morning to warm up a slice of coffee cake and enjoy it with a latte. It was so thoroughly delicious, I literally woke up excited to get up so I could breakfast. Contrary to the title of this post, peaches are […]

33 things I want to tell my younger self

On my thirtieth birthday I shared some lessons I’ve learned that I would love to tell my younger self. Today, in honor of my thirty-third year, I’ve added three more lessons. I’m no smarter than anybody else, of course, but thought it might be fun to share a handful of my wiser moments, the ones that […]

Remember this: You are a naturally creative creature

Remember This is a periodic blog series of thoughts, quotes and inspiration that I want to remember—and you might, too. Things I’ve learned about life so far, and don’t want to forget (like my human brain has a tendency to do). You can view the introduction to the series here. Are you considering becoming a creative […]

Snapshot #17

Snapshot is a periodic series about what’s going on in my life right now—what I’m eating, reading, doing, loving, and my favorite links from around the web. I visited my cousin Kate this week (author of the amazing mac & cheese recipe), who made beef & mushroom stroganoff for dinner—a classic comfort food that brought […]

Life is like a great big puzzle.

I was doing a puzzle this morning (3D Hogwarts, an early birthday gift from my sweet husband) and thinking about how much I love puzzles. Particularly the 3D ones. And I was thinking about the metaphor they make of life, and enjoying that too. (I did a Lord of the Rings puzzle over the weekend—the […]

Setting intentions for 2017

  Happy New Year, beautiful! I want to talk about New Year’s resolutions today. Do you set them? Do you keep them? Did you wake up January 1 wishing you were skinnier and richer and more successful? I used to be quite diligent with resolutions and goals, setting lofty expectations I would inevitably fail spectacularly […]