Snapshot #17

Snapshot is a periodic series about what’s going on in my life right now—what I’m eating, reading, doing, loving, and my favorite links from around the web.

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EatingI visited my cousin Kate this week (author of the amazing mac & cheese recipe), who made beef & mushroom stroganoff for dinner—a classic comfort food that brought me right back to childhood. But better, because I refused to eat mushrooms as a kid, but now I LOVE them. What comfort foods have you been enjoying this winter? 

ReadingFates and Furies by Lauren Groff. I was in the bathtub until 10 reading this one last night. I just finished the first section (Fates) and am entering the second (Furies). I kind of wish I didn’t need to work so I could just finish it already.



Puzzles. I wrote a blog post about my awesome 3D Hogwarts puzzle earlier this week. After I finished it, hubs surprised me with early birthday gift #2…the Hogwarts Astronomy Tower. IT’S THE ENTIRE HOGWARTS CAMPUS, YOU GUYS. I’m basically in Harry Potter puzzle paradise over here.

lovingThrift shopping. I took a long break from the thrifts during my Great Purge (another update on that coming soon!) because I didn’t want to add new stuff while I was so deep in purging mode. But after getting rid of so much, my wardrobe was feeling a little drab. Until yesterday. My sister is incredibly skilled at finding hidden gems on a thrift store rack of clothing, and both of us came home with bags full of amazing new clothes yesterday.

In other news...


Till next time, friends! Sending you love and warm winter wishes.