33 things I want to tell my younger self

On my thirtieth birthday I shared some lessons I’ve learned that I would love to tell my younger self. Today, in honor of my thirty-third year, I’ve added three more lessons. I’m no smarter than anybody else, of course, but thought it might be fun to share a handful of my wiser moments, the ones that […]

Remember this: You are a naturally creative creature

Remember This is a periodic blog series of thoughts, quotes and inspiration that I want to remember—and you might, too. Things I’ve learned about life so far, and don’t want to forget (like my human brain has a tendency to do). You can view the introduction to the series here. Are you considering becoming a creative […]

Lead us not into temptation

Today’s post is a free preview of a lesson in my upcoming Love What You Have course, a 3-week email course dedicated to loving what you’ve got instead of always focusing on what you don’t. I chose this lesson in particular to arm you for the onslaught of Black Friday/Cyber Monday advertisements that are, I’m […]

In the face of uncertainty, nurture the unshakable

Like many of you, I’ve been feeling pretty shaken up in the aftermath of the presidential election. And like many of you, I’ve taken a bit of time to tunnel inward. I’ve been taking a break from posting—not just here, but all the socials. And I’ve also been taking a break from reading, particularly the […]

Remember this: Life is a guest house.

I’m introducing a new blog series today! It’s called Remember this. It’s thoughts, quotes and inspiration that I want to remember—and you might, too. I’m about to tell you how the idea for this new series came about. If that sounds boring, go ahead and skip this section and read the nice poem below the […]

7 lessons learned in two years of self employment

OMG! As of this month, I’ve been working for myself for TWO WHOLE YEARS. (Queue all the cliche things coming out of my mouth: where did the time go? I can’t believe it! It doesn’t feel like that long! etc. etc.) The last two years have also, incidentally, been two of the most tumultuous years […]

3 easy rituals to embrace summer

Solstice was yesterday. The longest day of the year. Summer is my favorite season. Partly because my hands and feet are always cold, and it’s such a delight to just go outside and let the balmy air warm me up like a blanket. It’s also the palpable feeling of vibrancy and life in the air. […]