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My favorite essential oils brand—and how to know you’re getting the highest quality

The difference between taking a deep breath in a room that was recently sanitized using traditional cleaners (harsh/synthetic/don’t-breathe-too-deep/am-i-getting-cancer-from-this?) versus being in a room I just cleaned with my own DIY-essential oil version is immense. The essential oils are so blissful, and not just because they smell good, but because they are legitimately healing—the beneficial properties […]

4 last-minute holiday decorating ideas

The sign in my neighbor’s yard says Christmas is two days away. Can that possibly be right? As usual, I’m feeling behind on my to-do list. But rather than lamenting and giving myself a hard time about it, I’m choosing a different path this year. Instead of focusing on the things I’m not getting around […]

DIY: Clearing a clogged drain the cheap, non-toxic, (mostly) non-disgusting way

Last week I was faced with a completely clogged drain. It had been draining slowly for a month or so. I mostly avoided it, saving the problem for “later”. (It’s so convenient!) One day, I got inspired to try a DIY method from a book. This involved shaking a cup of washing soda into the drain, […]

Friday snapshot #6

This week, I took a walk outside wearing flip flops and a tank top. It was transcendent.  And then later in the week we had a sun shower. Oh, hello Spring. You feel gooooood. Peach cake. I started thinking about cake last night right before I went to bed. Then I remembered I had peaches in the […]

Top ten posts of 2013

Hello, hello, did you miss me? I’ve been taking a little break for the holidays (it’s been divine! More about my break in my next post . . . ) but wanted to drop in to see you one more time before the year is officially over. On this, the last day of 2013, let’s […]

5 DIY gift ideas to make in bulk

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care . . . now, what goes under the tree? When you have more time than money at Christmas time, or you’re just looking to infuse a little more personality than store-bought presents, DIY gifts are just the thing. So today, I present to you five different […]

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The Rosy Blu Guide to shipping fragile gifts

10 tips to keep breakables safe during the holiday rush Last year was my first holiday season as a vintage seller. One awful day early in the season, I came home to a disfigured box marked RETURN TO SENDER that looked like it had been run over by a truck, followed promptly by not one, […]

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