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Love What You Have email course

Love What You Have course

Love What You Have is a course delivered via email, one lesson each day, designed to shine a spotlight on what you already have. To gather it all up, give it a great big hug and feel the effects of the abundance around you. Throughout the series of emails, we’ll take stock of what you’ve got (and maybe find some things you forgot about!), make time to enjoy and appreciate your favorite things, and find ways to seize the blessings that are all but poking you in the nose.

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Meal Planning 101 Guide + Notepad

Meal Planning 101 Guide + Printables

Fans of Rosy Blu’s ever-so-reasonable Cleaning Checklist will love this new guide to Meal Planning! Learn how to plan your meals in less than 10 minutes a week, while saving money and reducing stress around mealtimes.

Already plan your meals? Then skip right to the beautiful printables / notepad for your shopping list and weekly meal plan.

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I Don’t Buy That

12 quick & easy recipes for DIY household basics

I Don't Buy That - CoverGet the recipes and strategies you need to incorporate 12 healthier food, body care and cleaning products into your household in place of traditional store-bought versions. Packed with 12 super simple recipes for household basics, I’ll show you how to make and use these alternatives to save money and time, and eliminate harmful ingredients and waste. And the best part? Make each of the recipes just once, and you’ll make back your entire investment in the ebook.

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Online Workshops

Learn to Cook Without Measuring

Cook without measuringWhat if I said you could cut down on meal prep time, wash fewer dishes AND feel more confident in the kitchen . . . in one fell swoop?

Join me for this one-hour online workshop to learn how to do just that. I’ll share exactly how I taught myself to cook without measuring, and show you how you can do the same.

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