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Michelle Urbick, founder of Rosy Blu

My name is Michelle, and I help women heal “conflicted relationships” with their homes.

A conflicted relationship is when you feel more drained by your home than nourished by it.

Many of us women are surviving day to day with unresolved friction regarding some aspect of our homes. Friction at home can look like:

  • Piles of laundry taking over the floor
  • Feeling embarrassed when visitors see your house
  • Closets filled with clutter
  • Constantly wishing your home were bigger, cleaner or filled with different things
  • Worrying about toxins and chemicals in the products you buy
  • Guilt that your home or cooking skills don’t meet the cultural ideal
  • General overwhelm or stress at the thought of cleaning, decluttering, cooking or maintaining your own habitat

I’ve felt all of those things. The accumulation of that friction—even the seemingly minor stuff—weighs on us. As far as I’m concerned, Home Ec never taught us how to deal with this stuff.

Simply put, when you smooth out friction between yourself + your habitat and surround yourself with nourishment, you’re free to be a happier, more pure version of yourself.

As I stumbled through my own journey, I felt dissatisfied with my own home but found it remarkably difficult to make progress. I scoured the internet for tips on decluttering and meal planning and cleaning, but they were all missing the thing I needed to make all of them work for me, and actually improve my home. Everyone else on the Internet is a perfect homemaker…and here I was, a crafty-by-nature woman in my late twenties who just couldn’t get it right. Something about those millions of tips on the internet was missing The Point.

I began blogging and sharing my lessons and progress, and as I published what I wrote, other people began resonating with my journey. As I hunted for tips and made slow progress toward my goal of a lovely home that didn’t suck all my energy away, it dawned on me:

I was becoming the expert I was searching for. The person who can teach you how to create a home that takes care of you.

The missing link, and the reason Rosy Blu exists, is this:

Home care = self care = better life = better world

Improve the way you interact with your home (so it nourishes you, not the other way around), and you are more fully equipped to be better, in every other aspect of your life that matters to you. Change your approach so you stop applying a steady stream of guilt and self-sabotaging, and instead approach your home and the things you do there with ease and a desire to feel good more of the time, regardless of what it looks like from the outside. When you approach your priorities from the inside out, all the other stuff has a way of falling into place…naturally.

Without the chain of clutter, takeout boxes, hidden chemicals, unmet expectations and guilt weighing you down, you are free to make a bigger impact. Be a better mom, wife or friend. Be a more pure version of you. Spend your precious life doing things that make you happy—rather than being an exhausted servant to your surroundings. The way you are as you journey toward this goal of freedom is the way you will be when you get there, so approach your journey with ease, love and sustainability.

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