The best gift you’ll give this holiday season

When the calendar rounded into November, I could feel a change in the air and a sense of elusive, impending magnitude…the holidays are coming.

Thinking back to when I was a kid, holidays were all anticipation and parties and playing outside and magic and talking reindeer. Also, presents. And turkeys made from little kid handprints. (Which somehow never get old.)

As an adult, holidays are a bit more complicated and stressful…intense travel, competing priorities, attempting to mitigate weight gain in the face of CONSTANT TEMPTATION (omg holiday food is the best food. Hello, there, cheeseball), trying to make everybody happy while spending too much money…leading up to Family Time, which doesn’t always have the rosy connotations it did when you were four. And let’s not forget that relative who sends the braggiest Christmas letter, smugly elaborating the highlights of perfect lives and families and careers and successes. (I just threw up a little in my mouth.)

As I’ve mentioned on the blog a time or two (or seven), I’ve been working with health coach Meg Worden since early 2014, and she is nothing short of a self care genius…and one better, she’s extraordinarily skilled at mirroring back your own thoughts and habits through a lens of love, compassion and impetus to evolve.

Meg Worden has created a group program called Surviving the Holidays with Gravy + Grace: For Introverts, Martyrs, and Nerds.

Gravy + Grace

When you inject Meg’s wisdom and hilarity into the holiday mess described above, something quite magical happens. She shines a light on the power you didn’t know you had to sort the elements of celebration you want from the ones that are sucking your energy dry. To set boundaries, and maintain them with fairness and firmness. The balls to say no when the thought of “yes” makes your heart sink. And, perhaps most importantly, the all-powerful ability to notice when you are being your own harshest judge, and convincing you lovingly to try softer.

If you crave healthy boundaries, sanity and actual joy this holiday, but are dreading the prospect of over-spending, over-eating and overwhelm, please take a look at the link below. I’m taking her course myself, and having been privy to the creation of this year’s material, I can tell you—Meg is undercharging for this thing. She’s distilled years of working one-on-one with women into a eight hour-long calls packed with spot-on big picture insights of what we go through during the holidays, and countless practical, bite-sized ways to make huge change. To crowd out stress. To make space for ease. (Oh, you know. Just two of my favorite things: making space + ease.)

I would love for you to join me in this course. Registration closes Tuesday, November 10, and class begins Wednesday, November 11. It will be the best gift you give yourself all year.

Details + Sign Up


Note: I’m an affiliate for this course. I’d be sharing it even if I weren’t. I believe with all my heart that Meg’s work is good for humanity, and a life-altering godsend to the individuals who choose to work with her.


  • 1reneepearman5

    Ah the Christmas Family letter! The best year was when a relative told of their boy, who carried a 4.0 grade all through high school, being accepted into a 4.0 college and they were off for 3 weeks in Scotland. I happily replied that our youngest had left his 2 yr. college after one year and his big sister was entering rehab for heroin use. I was mighty tempted to say we were able to pay the mortgage but not the electric bill (again) and the cat was pregnant (again) but I restrained my bad self. AH HA HA HA
    Truthfully though, James was in a Christian college that only turns out pastors and missionaries and that’s a calling; he did find a most excellent girl to marry and our wayward daughter turned into a 4.0 RN. I still laugh at family Christmas letters though!!!

    • The worst Christmas letter was my parents’ friends, who included a poem their elementary-aged son had written about using a portable toilet. I kid you not, it included the line “Zip! Plop plop plop.” I know they were trying to be funny…but DUDE.

  • 1reneepearman5

    We are empty nesters and our Thanksgiving this year will consist of painting the living room and having new flooring put in! YIPPEE!! I don’t care if we have stuffing or not!!