In the modern world, sustainability has become synonymous with eco-friendliness—and rightly so. But in this category, I like to take an even broader definition of sustainability that also includes whether a given object or action is sustainable to you and your lifestyle—not just the planet as a whole. Sustainability with this definition answers the following question:

Can I keep doing this? Can I do this over and over without harming myself, or other people, or the planet around me?

When you approach sustainability in this way and seek to answer "yes" to this question, the big-picture, eco-friendly side of sustainability tends to just fall into place. It's less likely to feel like a burden or a sacrifice, but instead feels like a choice, and the natural way to be.

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Unicorns + productivity

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Last call to sign up for my Spring Cleaning email series!

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In honor of Earth Day: secondhand shopping in Winona, Minnesota

Earlier last year, I was walking down second street on a break from work, and I was stopped by a man and his daughter. “Do you know where we can find a thrift store or an antique store around here?” Um, YEAH. I do. (And, boy, did you pick the right girl to stop on […]