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My favorite tool for a difficult relationship situation

I few years back, I heard this idea. It’s been incredibly useful for me, and I want to share it with you today. The gist is this: When you’re having a really tough time with a person and are at your wit’s end in dealing with them… Try writing a letter to their angel. If […]

33 things I want to tell my younger self

On my thirtieth birthday I shared some lessons I’ve learned that I would love to tell my younger self. Today, in honor of my thirty-third year, I’ve added three more lessons. I’m no smarter than anybody else, of course, but thought it might be fun to share a handful of my wiser moments, the ones that […]

Remember this: You are a naturally creative creature

Remember This is a periodic blog series of thoughts, quotes and inspiration that I want to remember—and you might, too. Things I’ve learned about life so far, and don’t want to forget (like my human brain has a tendency to do). You can view the introduction to the series here. Are you considering becoming a creative […]

Snapshot #17

Snapshot is a periodic series about what’s going on in my life right now—what I’m eating, reading, doing, loving, and my favorite links from around the web. I visited my cousin Kate this week (author of the amazing mac & cheese recipe), who made beef & mushroom stroganoff for dinner—a classic comfort food that brought […]

Life is like a great big puzzle.

I was doing a puzzle this morning (3D Hogwarts, an early birthday gift from my sweet husband) and thinking about how much I love puzzles. Particularly the 3D ones. And I was thinking about the metaphor they make of life, and enjoying that too. (I did a Lord of the Rings puzzle over the weekend—the […]

Setting intentions for 2017

  Happy New Year, beautiful! I want to talk about New Year’s resolutions today. Do you set them? Do you keep them? Did you wake up January 1 wishing you were skinnier and richer and more successful? I used to be quite diligent with resolutions and goals, setting lofty expectations I would inevitably fail spectacularly […]

Lead us not into temptation

Today’s post is a free preview of a lesson in my upcoming Love What You Have course, a 3-week email course dedicated to loving what you’ve got instead of always focusing on what you don’t. I chose this lesson in particular to arm you for the onslaught of Black Friday/Cyber Monday advertisements that are, I’m […]